What is the RDE NOx threshold for my diesel car?

The maximum amount of permitted NOx emissions during Real Driving Emissions tests depends on when the car was admitted. There are two types of relevant admissions:

  1. type approval, i.e., when the type of type of car got admission to be sold, and
  2. first admission of the individual car by some person or company.

Car types approved between September 2017 and December 2019 must meet the threshold of 168 mg/km, if the was first admitted before December 2020. Car types approved later, or cars that were first admitted in 2021 or later, must meet the threshold of 120 mg/km.

In the NOx bar of the RDE guiding view, the left red marking represents the 120 mg/km threshold, and the right marking shows the 168 mg/km threshold.

Source: German Wikipedia