What are RDE tests?

RDE is an abbreviation for Real Driving Emissions. It is defined in the EU and US regulations for emissions tests on the road. This allows more realistic testing than in the lab. The regulation defines precisely which driving behaviour constitutes an RDE test and the maximum amount of gases that may be emitted during the test.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to follow the RDE conditions in practice. However, if you read the remainder of this section, and if you use the RDE guiding view of LolaDrives, there is a high chance that you will be able to perform a valid RDE test; LolaDrives shows the most important characteristics of your trip in an easy to grasp way.

Warning: Do not use your phone when driving. Conducting RDE tests is a task for two persons: the driver and a navigator, who reads and interprets the data of Lola Drives.